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Beautiful & Unique Jewellery Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

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A jewellery brand that seeks to inspire Beauty, Colour and Joy in everyday life.

Melting glass, The essence and beauty of enamel design.

I have always been fascinated with the enamel arts. At the Victoria & Albert Museum, I saw an exhibition of enamel techniques featuring the works by the great Jane Short. and a demonstration of the enamelling process, from grinding the frit to the application to metal and then firing. I fell completely in love with the art form and started to devour books about different enamelling techniques. Additionally, I have signed up for courses and have been learning and creating using various types of enamelling techniques.

The versatility and diversity of enamelling are some of the many aspects that have nurtured my interest. An ancient technique, yet there is so much to learn and explore with new methods being created all the time.


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